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Recent Entries

9/5/09 11:51 pm - Day Five.

 Today I woke up late.
I did not exercise.

you better tomorrow.

I snacked on fruit &&
low calorie crackers.

I think it amounted to 100.
Then I fell asleep

sleeping wont solve your problems. 

Tomorrow is my weigh in day.
I will be weighing myself every Sunday;;
along with my ana buddy, Alyx. 

 < < Wish us luck. (: > >

9/4/09 09:21 pm - Day Four.

 As soon as I woke up, I took a cold shower. 

do anything you can to burn those calories, babe.

I walked to my kitchen && had
1/2 a whole wheat english muffin.
( 100 calories )
along with my multivitamin.

I drank fourteen glasses of water &&
two glasses of green tea.

keeps your metabolism going.

I walked 3 1/2 miles.
72 minutes.
400 calories.

After that, my ana buddy and I 
decided to follow the ABC diet rules strictly.


So I ate 300 calorie mac n' cheese.
Then worked out some more.

BURNED:: 500. 

"I can get thinner. I can cut it all off. I can wear low slung Levi's and crop tops and long straight dresses like willowy models, and I gasp with the breathlessness of being airborne. I can fly and be free. Jesus! I never realized how easy it was."


9/3/09 03:15 pm - Day Three.

 I awoke & ate three pieces of honeydew.
( 80 calories )


I walked on my treadmill for 65 minutes.
300 calories; 3 miles.

1/2 a bowl of lo cal soup. 
( 80 calories )
My mom pushed vegetable gyoza in my face.
( 64 calories )

I was then out for 4 hours.
I resisted pizza && 

they'll kill me.

Then I went home and snacked on special k crackers.
( 90 calories )

Then did a 10 minute aerobic video.

:: nine cups of water;
three glasses of tea.::

BURNED:: 400. 

I'm in the negatives &&
I've never felt more positive.

* I could NEVER do this without Alyx. Thank you so much. *

9/2/09 03:30 pm - Day Two.

 Today I woke up at nine &&
Drank thirteen glasses of water along with 
three glasses of green tea. 
( with honey )
60 calories.
<< mental note :: stop using honey >>

Since I needed to take my multi pill
with a full stomach,
I ate one vegetable gyoza 0.7 oz. 
48 calories. 

I snacked on a few crackers, too.
75 calories.
stop eating.

Today was a 500 calorie day.
I consumed 183

*Always burn off twice the amount you ate.*

I walked// jogged on my treadmill until my legs wanted to fall off.
I wish they did; less weight.
I burned 556 calories.
5 1/2 miles.

My mother asked what I wanted for dinner;
since I wouldn't couldn't go.
My stomach 'hurt'.

That's what you said last time.

She brought me home what I asked for.
I took it to my room and threw it out 'ate' it.

When I came back down I was 'still hungry'.
I made a 100 low cal soup.

You might call it a waste;
but to me, it's a gain

<<Starve on, ladies.>>
~You will be beautiful.~



9/1/09 02:21 pm - Day One.

Today is the first day of my 50 day plan.
Here's how it went ::

I woke up and cut an apple into eight slices.
Ate two of the eight and put the rest in a bag.
Jogged on my treadmill for one hour exactly.
Drank nine cups of water and two glasses of
green tea throughout the whole morning. 

Put more pictures of models on my wall. 
Stretched and exercised a bit more.  
Ate two more pieces of my apple. fat.
Then I went to the gym for an hour of pilates. 



Thin: It’s an addiction, a drug that gets you high and I’m craving it beyond anything.

9/1/09 12:54 am - Introduction.

Like I said in my bio-- This is to keep track of my eating habits during the 'ABC' Ana Boot Camp diet.
I will start posting later today seeing as it 1AM. 

Today's calorie allowance :: 500. 
                                                                                                            No more. Maybe less.
You can do it. 
Write it on your hand.
Write it on every fat part of your body.
Don't give in. 
Because as of now,
You and I are one step closer to completing our 
50 day goal
Let me stress this word.
Drink. The. Hunger. Away.
Eating five 100 calorie meals is better then eating the 500 calories together.
Save the calories. You dont need them. Who needs them?
We want bones. Not this excess skin people are so content with. 
I hope you had your 6 hours of sleep.
Keeps your soul-- metabolism going.
Celery? That too.
Sit up straight. 10% more calories-- right there.
Still hungry? Does it hurt?
Starving is not the pain, it's the cure.
Embrace the pain. 
It'll be your new high.

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